Halloween Park History

The 7 Gates of Hell are an Urban Legend that has obtained National recognition.  A simple search with your favorite browser will yield pages and pages of folklore to read!

It is a story of death. It is story of despair. It is a story about attempting to breach the very boundaries of hell itself. It is the story of Toad Road.

In the 1800s a colossal mental asylum stood in the woods of York off Toad Road. This was a hellish place and the home of only the most deranged, most unfortunate souls. The asylum was many stories high and contained hundreds of rooms. Buried in the desolate Pennsylvania woods, it was viewed as the perfect place to ship the insane from all across the state.

There was one major problem with this location, however; it was miles away from civiliztion. While viewed as a blessing by those who didn’t want to face their fears, this also meant that the asylum was not easily accessible. This led to a great tragedy when it caught fire one day.

Because of its remote locale, firefighters were unable to get there in time. Many of the patients burned to death in the upper floors of the building, and hundreds of others fled into the surrounding woods. The scene was true chaos, some of the most deranged and dangerous people in all Pennsylvania had disappeared into the woods as an inferno spread throughout the area.

When officials finally put out the fire, they set out to capture all of the inmates. Scared by the reputations of the asylum’s inmates and unsure of how to handle the situation, the search party was extraordinarily aggressive, beating into submission some of those they found and killing others.