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Halloween Park re-opens Williams Grove Amusement Park for an intensely creepy Halloween experience!

Walk along the forgotten paths taking you inside the deserted amusement park. Don’t miss this exclusive access to the park and see for yourself what’s been off limits for over 11 years. Get up close to the rides and buildings that remain as Halloween Park brings “after” life back to Williams Grove Amusement Park

 One night only – Halloween Night 2016!

A limited number of $45 passes are STILL AVAILABLE and on sale now. Don’t miss your chance to visit the park before the strictly enforced No Trespassing signs return.


Details of the Halloween Themed Event:

The rides, buildings and other remaining structures will be illuminated with accent lighting creating astonishing photographic opportunities. Customers will be inclined to stop in some of these areas to take photographs, which will be allowed. Visitors are reminded that doing this will cause a backup which will reduce the enjoyment of the following groups. Security Personnel will be visible along the trail and are responsible to keep these stops to a minimum and to keep the groups moving in a steady pace. No group or person(s) will be allowed to let a following group pass for additional time to loiter. Loitering person(s) refusing to comply with keeping up with the steady pace of the tour will be escorted to the exit immediately without refund.

This will be Halloween Themed Attraction and we envision a theme similar to a Carnival, Circus, or Freak Show concept. Our actors will be dressed as clowns, freaks, ring masters, and park patrons from years past, each with a ghostly feel. There will be sideshow performers breathing fire, swallowing knives, juggling and spinning poi as well. The deserted amusement park is the perfect setting for this event and we will not cover up or change the park’s current state and condition. Instead we will be highlighting the breathtaking views that have been naturally created by being untouched for over a decade. All this is sure to offer a unique Halloween experience while preserving the eerie presence you feel while in the park at night, where the hairs on the back of your neck straighten up.

Our Security Staff will insure that all visitors stay with their group and remain on the designated path winding throughout the entire park, into the forgotten corners and along the edges of the property. Again, this event is not granting access to the grounds for free-will exploration. The Buildings, Rides and Structures are strictly Off Limits To All Visitors!

This Halloween Themed Attraction will be an outside attraction and will not be postponed or delayed due to weather conditions, so no rain date will be set.


Additional Notes About the Event:


-The estimated time each visitor will be inside the park is 50-60 minutes.

-Security will escort large groups of visitors into the park and the original midway.

-The midway will have areas for photos to be taken and staff to assist in taking photos of all groups interested in having their photo taken

-A cue line(s) will be formed in the midway to enter the designated path tour

-Visitors will be released to walk the paths in groups of 6-8 visitors

-Groups will be released to start the walking tour on equal intervals of time allowing for the desired spacing between groups.

-Halloween Park actors will be visible to visitors and a majority will be in the areas beside the path. Some actors will be positioned on the path and will interact with visitors and still others will be startling to visitors walking by.

-Actors will not touch any visitors and visitors will not touch any actor

-This will not be an “in your face” haunted attraction. The presence of our actors is meant to intensify the creepiness of the deserted park adding the Halloween feel to the event.

-When reaching the end of the path tour, visitors will have a final opportunity to capture a final photo as they are escorted out of the park and back across the bridge to the parking lot

-Vending, portable restrooms, and souvenirs will be available for purchase in the area beside the parking lot.

-The event tickets are sold with 30 minute time intervals beginning with 6pm then 6:30pm and so on. There are a limited number of tickets per time slot that has been set by calculating many factors in an effort to maximize the number of visitors allowed to attend while preserving the best experience possible for those who hold passes to the event.

-There is simply no way possible to fully satisfy the demand that exists to visit what remains of Williams Grove Amusement Park. Therefore, the pricing reflects the revenue from the limited number of available attendees allowed, the costs involved in an undertaking of this size, and the value of what is being offered (the benefit of that demand).

-We are honored and blessed to have been able to provide unique and entertaining experiences to our community at one of the lowest price points in our industry for the past 20 years. We do not feel ashamed that Halloween Park is a for-profit business as it allows us to reward our most valuable resource; our remarkable staff and our talented actors, with rich experiences and payment for their efforts and many hours of their personal time.

Parking and check in will take place at Williams Grove Speedway’s rear parking lot. This is a time ticketed event and all attendees must reserve their time pass online as there will not be any passes available at the gate the day of the event. This is a rain or moonshine event for October 31, 2016 only with no rain date available. All sales are final and refunds will not be awarded as long as the event occurs as stated.