Welcome to Halloween Park’s Website!

Thank you for checking us out. We would like to share with you everything you would need to know about Halloween Park and what to expect if you choose to visit us here at 100 Hykes Mill Road in York Haven.

Most likely you have been visiting several websites of many of our area’s Halloween destinations. Central Pennsylvania is very lucky to have so many choices and different Halloween themed events, attractions and ghost tours. We’ve been to nearly all of them at one point or another, and we check out one or two every year as well. We love Halloween and like to see what other haunts have done and we appreciate the work that goes into what all of us do.


So what is it that we do here at Halloween Park?

Halloween Park offers one of the largest selections of attractions found in one location, at one of the lowest price points of any professional haunt. We are the only attraction that we know of that offers unlimited access to all attractions for the entire night (over 5 hours on Fridays and Saturdays and over 3 hours on Sundays). We combine these things to be able to offer the most Halloween fun and scares at a price which is a fraction of the cost at most other haunts. This combination is what more than 90% of our customers over the past 20 years have told us would be the best way to enjoy the Halloween Season. It also makes Halloween Park perfect for nearly all visitors, no matter what their age. In other words, you’ll be laughing one minute and have your heart racing the next.


So what DON’T we do at Halloween Park?

Because we combine Halloween Fun and Scares, we are not the “scariest haunted house attraction you will ever see”. So far, more customers have wet their pants than have told us that we need to improve, but numbers are just numbers so we don’t claim to be the scariest place ever.

Luckily, there is an attraction just a few miles away that say they are the scariest place ever. Some people want a Halloween attraction to be just that, and only that, so we suggest they take them up on their claim. They have a nice place.

We are not “the most popular” Halloween attraction in the area. Some people enjoy having an excessively large crowd of people, and it can add to the experience. Because we have unlimited access to so many attractions over such a large area, we don’t have long lines even on our busiest nights. Most of your time here at Halloween Park will be inside an attraction, and most customers go through them at least twice or more. But again, some people want the crowd and are willing to spend more time in line than in the attractions. Luckily, there is an attraction just around a different corner that delivers just that. They also have a nice place.

And lastly, we typically never buy our props,instead we create them by hand. Not only our props, but the details in nearly every attraction as well.

As examples, we converted two silos into underground caverns, mining cars and tunnels with waterfalls, elevators, and nine caskets that encase you for a hectic ride- all handmade. The once empty, three story mill is well over a century old, but now has more than thirty rooms, a dungeon, and sewer and much more. Halloween Park has been recognized as one of the most technically advanced attractions in the state of Pennsylvania by review clubs for years.


Our intention here, and in all of our advertising and marketing, is to deliver what we say 100% of the time. For example, when we state that we are the only Haunted Attraction in Pennsylvania that is truly haunted, we can only say that because we are the only one that has received certified, state issued documentation of paranormal activity. Each year we receive compliments on how realistic our actor is that stands on the stairway to the attic even though we don’t have an actor in that area.

We hope our concept of what a Halloween Attraction should be is just what you are looking for and that you come to visit us. We also welcome any and all feedback from you too. Please let us know about your experience after you come or ask us any questions you may have. Thank you again for checking us out, and Happy Halloween!