Halloween Park history

Creekside Manor is housed in our mill which was built by Jacob Bear in 1849.  It was last used as a feed mill in the early 1990’s.  While the mill experiences flooding on a fairly regular basis, during hurricane Agnes in 1976 the flood water was approaching the top of the second floor door.


Flooding, invented and tested by Dr. Thomas Stampfl, is a method that was intended to have the patient overcome their darkest phobias and fears by facing them in a controlled setting. Stampfl’s experiments started small, but as the doctor became more fascinated with his work, they became more extreme, leaving his patients locked in solitary chambers with their worst nightmares for several weeks at a time until their minds were irreparable, overcome with panic. For decades, these experiments carried on in his lab at Creekside Manor.
Eventually, investigators found the old lab to be abandoned, Dr. Stamplf  mysteriously gone and never heard from. The remains of his many patients were found in theirhellish chambers, where they lived their last moments in sheer horror. It is said that even in death, their spirits linger in these chambers, forever trapped in their unholynightmares. Spiders. Rats. Claustrophobia. Being burned alive. Clowns. Ghosts. Your most gut-wrenching fear, all around you, and nowhere to hide. What did those patients go through? See what true terror feels like for yourself and visit Creekside Manor, the newest attraction by Halloween Park.